Friday, October 12, 2018

Philips Hue Go ~ Mind Blown

Mind blown! Who knew that you could do so much with light. I ordered the Philips Hue Go for an event that I was having in the backyard of my home.

The light came equipped with any color that I could possibly think of, custom scenes, and different setting allowing me to make the light as bright or as dim as I want. It was advertised that I would be able to play with 16 million colors of light, and I could not believe my eyes when I found this to be true. I’m sure that I haven’t completely tapped into all that that this smart light has to offer.

The battery life is amazing at 3 hours and can be plugged in if need be. I was able to control the setting on the light using Alexa which made me and my guest feel as though I was really living in a smart home. This device is also compatible with google assistant.

The Hue Go can also be used as an alarm. Imagine waking up to a light show. I love that I can control the unit with my smartphone which allows me to really play with it. I can’t get enough of this light. Whether I’m using it to light a dinner party or on the nightstand as a night light.

The flickering candle feature is wonderful and adds a romantic effect to any occasion. I intend on purchasing several more in the near future. This light is a must have for any entertainer.
After having it at my last event, I seriously can’t and will not host an event especially at night without it. If at all interested, check out the Philips Hue Go on Amazon.
This item comes with a 2-year warranty. So, you literally have nothing to lose. 

What’s Real difference between the iPhone x and iPhone xs.

What’s Real difference between the iPhone X and iPhone XS.

IPhone x and iPhone xs come with different set of features in terms of the phone’s hardware and software. Starting with the phones’ screen size to ratio body, iPhone x has a screen-body-ratio of 82.35 as compared iPhone xs’ 82.46 %.  Different properties of the camera also differ narrowly in two phones, for instance, the focal length of iPhone x is 30 mm while that of iPhone xs is 28, the lower the lower (shorter) focal length wider the shot will be. The front camera of iPhone x doesn’t have a face detection feature while that of the iPhone xs has this face that can also be used in unlocking the phone.

There is also a special feature observed in video recording, in iPhone xs one can take pictures while recording videos which is impossible while using iPhone x. Also many different are observed in the design case of the phones, the two phones weigh differently, and x weighs 174 g while xs has a weight of 177g which is slightly high.

 Their IP certification is also different; x has certified number IP 67 while xs has ip 68. Another difference also comes in with phone release color, with iPhone x Apple only released two colors into the market that is grey and silver while with xs they added a third particular into the first batch which is gold. Another big distinguishing feature is the memory in this phone which differ greatly, x has a RAM of 3GB while That of Xs is 4GB, their storage memory is also different, x has an internal capacity of 256 Gb while Xs has 512gb.  Their cell battery also differ slightly, x’s battery is slightly bigger than that of xs with about 100 mAh

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Best 2018 Cell Phones to Use for Taking Pictures

The level of technology is getting higher day by day and this can be seen in some of the phones produced this year. Nowadays, the camera is one of the things people look for in phones before thy purchase and that is why producers of phones are improving on this feature make sure that the focal length and pixel are of good quality. This article will be talking on the top 5 phones with a good camera and some of the common phones with the best camera are;

Samsung Galaxy S9+

 It is a better version of Samsung galaxy s8. The phone is identified with a unique camera of good picture quality. Some of the features that come with the phone include;
·         Three different ROM sizes of 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB and with expandable storage up to 400GB for easy usage.
·          Extremely speed double pixel camera and comes with a rear dual camera that makes it a good camera phone
·         IP68 rating: it can withstand rain, spills, and splashes thus no need to worry when water comes in contact with the phone
·         Wireless charging: this is another feature that is so unique about the Samsung s8 because the fast wireless charging only requires you to place your phone in contact with the fast wireless charger.

Huawei P20 Pro

This is another phone with one of the best cameras in 2018. It also comes with some great features that include;
·         Dual nano-sim: - this feature allows the use of 4G and 4G+ sim cards in the same phone
·         Camera:  it comes with the main camera consisting of  40 MP (f/1-8 aperture, RGB) plus 8MP (f/2-4 aperture) that supports autofocus including laser focus, contrast focus, deep focus, and phase focus; rear camera of 24MP with f/2.0 aperture and supports fixed focal length.

Google Pixel 2 XL 64GB

This is one of the best phones when it comes to the quality of the camera. In addition, Google pixel 2 also comes with other great features such as;
·         Storage: - the phone comes with an internal memory of 64GB and a 4GB Ram for effective performance
·         Camera: the 12.2MPand 1.4μm autofocus makes the phone one of the phones with the best camera you can ever get
·         Screen display: it has a full-screen display of 6.0 with QHD+ of 2880 x 1440 which is poled at 538ppi. 

Apple iPhone X

After the release of iPhone X, a lot of people have been crediting the manufacturers for improving on the iPhone 8 camera. Furthermore, the phone comes with other unique features that include;
·         Screen: - the phone is very easy to use with the 5.8-inch retina screen that comes with all-screen OLED multi-touch display
·         Camera: - it comes with 12MP telephoto and wide-angle cameras.
·         Wireless Fast charging: changing with the wireless fast charger is a very unique feature of iPhone X
·         Water and dust resistant: the phone can be affected by water and water.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The list won’t be complete without mentioning the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 because of its great features that include;

·         Storage: The internal storage capacities are 64GB (U.S) and 128/ 256GB (international) respectively
·         Camera: the dual 12mp camera makes the phone a good camera phone.
Finally, all the mentioned phones are good camera phones with good picture quality, focal length and contain other features that make them outstanding in one form or the other.

Monday, September 17, 2018

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